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Cospaint Prime & Color – Blauw


Quick overview

Want to seal, prime and color your next project in one go? Cospaint Primer & Color is the best answer for you! Unlock the potential of your projects with our specially formulated primer and color combo now.

It is very easy in use, whether you are a beginner or professional. It dries quickly and super smoothly to a flawless finish without cracks nor tack. Cospaint Primer & Color has superior coverage that leads to professional results. Plus, it’s non-toxic and water-based, ensuring safety and ease of use.

This top-tier paint is not only flexible but incredibly strong as well, making it suitable for a wide range of materials including foam, Worbla, polystyrene, fabrics, and more. It can be thinned with a few drops of water and mixed together to achieve a different color. The clear variant can even be mixed with acrylic paint or pigments to gain a specific color.
For optimal results, apply in thin coats with a one-hour interval between layers. Let it rest overnight after the final application.

  • Content: 250g
  • Color: Blue

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