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Kamui Book 3: Advanced cosplay armor making – Helmets & Pauldrons


Quick overview

Advanced cosplay armor making, one of the Kamui tutorial books.

Do you want to dive deeper into the world of armor making and create all the crazy helmets and pauldrons?

By ordering this book you’ll get detailed guides and tutorials for the following topics:

– Tools and Materials
– Basic helmet and pauldron patterns
– Modifying and understanding patterns
– Working with EVA foam (Skulls)
– Working with insulation foam (Horns)
– Working with clay (Antlers)
– Working with expanding foam (Pauldrons)
– Attaching pauldrons
– Attaching masks
As well as the following work examples:
– Crusader Helmet
– Barbarian Pauldron


Book information: Advanced cosplay armor making: 48 pages, high quality full color print, soft cover, English version

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