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Kamui Book 7: Advanced Cosplay prop making – Guns & Rifles


Quick overview

Advanced Cosplay prop making – guns & rifles, one of the Kamui tutorial books.

It’s time to create some crazy guns and rifles! In 48 pages and over 170 photos and Kamui will show you how to draw your own blueprints and turn them into crazy fantasy blasters and massive space guns. She teaches you how to work with EVA foam as well as Worbla!

By ordering the book Advanced Cosplay prop making – guns & rifles, you’ll get easy step-by-step guides, tutorials and explanations for the following points:

  • Tools and materials
  • References and scaling
  • Printing screenshot patterns
  • Creating your own blueprints
  • Working with EVA foam
  • Working with Worbla
  • Priming EVA foam

As well as the following extensive work examples:

  • Borderlands 2 – Miss Moxxi’s Rubi
  • Overwatch – Symmetra’s Photon Projector
  • League of Legends – Miss Fortune’s Shock and Awe
  • Heroes of the Storm – Master Nova’s Rifle

High quality print edition. Soft cover, 48 pages high quality full color print. Perfect as a gift or for browsing while you work!

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