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Apoxie® Sculpt

19,99 82,50 

Quick overview

This 2-part product has a putty-like, smooth consistency, is easy to mix and use. It is safe and waterproof with 0% shrinkage/cracking! Apoxie sculpt adheres to foam, thermoplastics, 3D-prints, resin, wood and so much more! Cleanup and smoothing is possible with a drop of water during the sculpting. It can be sanded, drilled, carved, lathed or otherwise tooled after set-up without chipping, cracking or flaking!

It has limitless applications for everyone. Some of our favorites include sculpting details on foam/Worbla and fixing gaps or broken parts in 3D prints.

  • Working time: 2-3 hours
  • Curing time: about 24 hours
  • Color: Natural gray

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