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Quick overview

The newest product from the makers of MonsterClay® that was funded on kickstarter within 18 minutes!

Cosclay is a specialized, hybrid, plastic/rubber polymer clay that will retain flexibility after curing.

Unlike other polymer clays, Cosclay’s unique flexibility imparts a durable and resilient quality that is suitable for endless applications. This includes stop-motion characters, posable figures and much, much more! The possibilities are truly endless. By incorporating durability and flexibility, Cosclay will also be able to withstand the rigors of heavy handling and mold-making. Cosclay® is both shatterproof and damage resistant.

CosClay Flexibility Test

To cure CosClay, it has to be baked. It is not considered hazardous and is made of 100% nontoxic ingredients. It has been tested by a certified toxicologist and conforms to ASTM D-4236. Cosclay contains no hazardous ingredients. Read more about this process here (Cosclay official website).

  • Weight: 453g

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