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Kamui Book 6: The Book of Cosplay Prop Making


Quick overview

The Book of Cosplay Prop Making, one of the Kamui tutorial books.

Ready to build some props and weapons? Get started with the book of Cosplay Prop Making

By ordering this book you’ll get detailed guides and tutorials for the following topics:

– Basic Materials
– Preparation & Tools
– Scaling
– Creating Weapon Patterns
– Separating Weapons for Transportion
– Shaping Foam
– Covering Foam with Worbla
– Detail Work

As well as the following work examples:

– Heartseeker Ashe’s Bow (League of Legends)
– Norn Zweihänder Sword (Guild Wars 2)
– Infinity Spear (Lineage II)
– Gorehowl Axe (World of Warcraft)
– Malthael’s Scythes (Diablo III – RoS)
– Crusader’s Flail (Diablo III – RoS)
– Gladiator’s Greatstaff (World of Warcraft)

Book information: The Book of Cosplay Prop Making: 48 pages, high quality full color print, soft cover, English version

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