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Silicone Paste


Quick overview

Extremely easy to use silicone paste for making molds in under 20 minutes! Unlike most silicones, you don’t have to pour this one. Start with kneading both components together. The product is ready once both colors are completely blended (about 30 seconds). Then press your shape into the silicone, making sure you have full coverage. Lastly, let it set for 15 minutes and all done! The mold can now be filled with resin, molding plastic, foamclay, etc.

  • Content: 250 g + 250 g
  • Mix ratio : 1:1 (part A:part B)
  • Pot time : 3-5 minutes
  • Cure time : 20-40 minutes
  • Full technical data: click here

Full product information


Mix ratio

1:1 (part A: part B)

Pot time

3-5 minutes


Cure time

20-40 minutes

Best curing temperature

Room temperature


Shelf Life

18 months

This products is safe to touch with bare hands. Do not eat the product obviously and wash hands after using.

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