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The Ultimate Guide to Worbla – Pretzl Cosplay

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Quick overview

A practical crafting book with lots of photos and descriptions that can help you to learn new techniques for creating cosplay costumes and props. Because the book describes all nine Worbla types in detail, with their pros and cons, it will make it much easier to choose the right Worbla type for your projects.

This book teaches about the basics of the thermoplastic material ‘Worbla’ and shows techniques how to work with it to create amazing cosplay armor and props. Since it doesn’t only teach about the basics, but also shows many techniques and ideas to create detailed projects, it’s both awesome for beginners and for advanced crafters.

The book is a softcover book in A4 size and is printed on high quality paper. It has 56 full colour pages with a lot of info and images. The book is written in English.

In this book you will find detailed information about the following:

  • Information about all nine Worbla types
  • Required tools to work with Worbla
  • Different techniques to create armor and props with Worbla
  • Different techniques to create amazing details on your Worbla pieces
  • How to paint your Worbla pieces
  • A lot of photos and tips!

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