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Cosbond Health Pack

12,50 35,00 


Health Pack is a life saver when your costume needs repairs on the con floor or perhaps at the important photoshoot. You get an assortment of both Attach & Build and Reinforcer sheets, plus an added bonus of a EL & LED Wire Management strip to help you quickly and permanently repair your costume on the spot!

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  • Content: 1 sheet of 10×12,5 cm Attach & Build, 1 sheet of 10×12,5 cm Attach & Build in pre-cut strips, 1 sheet of 10×12,5 cm Reinforcer plus an added bonus of a EL & LED Wire Management strip

Plus d'informations sur le produit

Seldom do you get to experience a brand new product that changes the way people do things. The CosBond family of products allows us the chance to see and experience that for not only the cosplay community but also for so many other creatives such as costume designers, theater designers, art teachers and families! CosBond give you the ability to craft quickly and safely, with instant results and no messy glues, fumes or failed adhesion projects.

We have 4 different products we are selling:

  1. Attach and Build, your basic adhesive material for assembling jsut about anything.
  2. The reinforcer, using the same amazing adhesive but backed with a nearly indestructable synthetic covering.
  3. We are also selling the EL & LED wire manager – for adhering and managing all your lighting and wire management needs.
  4. Plus the health pack…like having a cosplay hospital in your back pocket!

It works on almost every material we have tested including steel! And you can adhere velcro, and straps with ease. We tested straps attached with Cosbond Attach & Build and Cosbond REINFORCER and it pull tested at 100lbs!

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