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Foam clay

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Quick overview

Foamclay is a non-toxic, waterbased type of clay that works a lot like normal clay (to an extend) but dries as regular EVA foam. It can be sanded, cut and even be carefully heat shaped. It is the perfect solution for complicated shapes, ornaments, details and so much more! Foamclay doesn’t need glue when attaching to EVA foam.

You can use tools or just your hands to sculpt. Use a wet finger to smoothen out the surfaces. Additionally, when a ‘skin’ starts developing or the clay loses its elasticity, adding a bit of water can reactivate the clay.

Leave your sculpture to dry for at least 24-48 hours. Very large objects may take longer. Sometimes the surface may seem set, but the insides can still be malleable and moist.

Foamclay can also be used to fill large holes and seams in foam. Using foamclay as casting material in molds is also possible.

There is no difference in material between the colors. We provide other colors than black because if for example you want to make a white armor: it is hard to paint black to white.

  • Content: 300g
  • Color: Black / Gray / White

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