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Worbla’s® FlameRed Art

15,50 385,00 

Quick overview

Flame Red Art is certified DIN (German Industry Norms) 4102-1 as B1 – Flame Resistant, designed for theatres, schools, and other locations where safety is of the utmost importance. Flame Red Art is closest to Finest Art in properties, with a smoother finish, and activates at 90°C or 195°F.

Worbla can take complex curves without requiring a vacuformer and is self-adhesive when activated – meaning that glues are not required to join pieces. You use hot air, water or steam to shape the plastic however you want. There’s no waste because your scraps can be conditioned and 100% reheated. If you have never seen Worbla handled or tried it yourself, customers often compare it to clay, fruit leather or beeswax when heated: becoming pliable and taking detail well, becoming hard and stable when cool. Worbla can be built up in layers, shaped over forms of foam, foil, wire or similar armatures.

Worbla has been seen everywhere from editorial photo spreads, to builds by Grant Imahara and Adam Savage of Mythbusters, to the floor of San Diego Comic Con, and on stage with Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour and numerous Cirque du Soleil shows.

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